Friday, July 19, 2019
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Medical malpractice is a legal term used for poor quality, incorrect, or negligent medical care by a qualified medical professional that causes harm to a patient. Lately, cases involving medical mismanagement are on the rise owing to increased patient awareness and government legislation. Case Study Leon Baker suffered a heart attack after his doctors administered the wrong drug during surgery. He filed a claim alleging medical negligence, which resulted in the award of £200,000 in cash. However, not all claims result in such hefty compensation amounts. In fact, the win rate for medical malpractice claims is much lower than that for road or workplace accidents. This is because in a majority of cases patients do not understand the complex procedures that are involved in filing such a claim. Criticism The Personal Injury Valuation Handbook estimates that one in five of medical negligence claims involve death. However, statistics do not reveal the real cost for the patient as well as his or her family. Medical negligence not only causes irreparable physical damage to the patient but also leaves permanent mental scars. Moreover, the process of filing a claim is time-consuming and complex. Yet, some argue against the same laws that protect

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