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Is It Wise To Buy Hair Direct From The Manufacturer

The internet has made it easier for manufacturers not only to sell their products in bulk in a wholesale capacity but also to offer one-off sales to consumers directly. Mostly manufacturers will sell human hair at wholesale prices to avoid upsetting their wholesale customers. Some Manufacturers will stay totally clear of this approach finding it, time consuming and costly instead preferring to sell in large volumes through distribution channels. This enables two things; good cash flow remember they have large factory costs to balance. The second thing is some prefer support for their product and after sales supporting the consumer side of their market to ultimately support their brand.

Pro’s From the Manufacture

  • Genuine Product
  • Good After Sales

Con’s From the Manufacturer

  • Must Sell At List
  • Lack of Offer Innovation

Affiliate Schemes

Affiliate schemes work by a manufacturer inserting their product into an affiliate scheme network where they allow anyone to sell it within certain guidelines at a recommend Retail Price but this is not always the case. If they make a sale the affiliate gets commission on that sale from the manufacturer. This is a very virtual selling technique as the sellers sometimes only get paid a small click through to refer there product from one site to another and so on. They never come into contact with the customer and are only interested in volume sales as there revenues are very slim

Pro’s From Affiliate Schemes

  • Cheaper Products
  • On Mass Sold Through lots of Outlets

Con’s From the Manufacturer

  • Sometimes Piggy backing occurs where two online shops will split the commission with a redirecting to another site
  • Can cause delivery delays
  • Lack of knowledge by seller of product if its niche
  • Poor after sales
  • Difficult to identify who has sold you the product is virtual
  • No reputation to keep -unit selling in volume
  • Risk of fake goods

My hair straightener experience; I used the search engine to look for my hair straightener exact make and model to drill into results I also used shopping comparison sites, but when I got to checkout I found delivery heavily charged on the product 15 right before checkout. I finally purchase a pair f hair straighteners at 89.99 delivered they arrived 7 days later. They where boxed and looked and worked like the genuine article. They lasted 3 months after this time they stopped working, I contacted the manufacturer who informed me they were not registered with them so no warranty.