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How Much Compensation is Typical in a Personal Injury Lawsuit?

If you have been injured in an accident, then there is a strong possibility you are entitled to file a personal injury claim. However, filing one of these claims on your own can be difficult and if done incorrectly, you could either end up with less than you deserved or worse, have the claim declined. Seattle injury lawyers can make sure none of these consequences occur.

The main reason to file a claim with a Seattle injury lawyer is to receive compensation for your hardship. Physical injuries often mean medical bills and loss of wages due to missed time at work. How much are you owed if you are hurt? If you have suffered personal injury, the amount of compensation is a difficult number to determine. Each case is different and there are numerous factors to think about.

The most common determining factor in regards to rewarding compensation is pain and suffering. The amount awarded in a compensation claim depends on the type of injury you incurred and how good your Seattle injury lawyer is. How badly were you hurt? How much mental anguish was involved? Will there be a great loss of future income through permanent disability? Will the injury affect your future ability to live a normal life? These are all questions which must be taken into account.

Among the factors which play a role are the special damages. These include any actual expenses you have incurred, for example – medical bills, lost wages from work, damages to personal items that have an assigned monetary value. Medication and therapeutic equipment you were required to get for rehabilitation can also be filed under special damages.

Seattle injury lawyers can determine if long term disability, traumatic emotional and mental anguish will be factors in your compensation settlements as well as the settlement negotiations.

Some personal injury claims go before a judge and others are heard before a jury trial of your peers. Both circumstances have an effect on the financial compensation you receive, especially when it deals with actual expenses and more. It is for this very reason that people hire Seattle injury attorneys to handle their lawsuits for them. Most professional lawyers work on a contingency basis, and is paid a percentage of what you win from your compensation and only if you win.

If you are unsure of what to do or if you have any questions at all about filing a claim, the best thing to do is to consult with a Seattle injury lawyer. It can often mean the difference between thousands of dollars of compensation through a successful claim or nothing at all due to a disorganized one. Insurance companies hire experienced claims adjusters to negotiate on their behalf. Who will be working on yours?

Source by Violet Ebert