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300,000 GBP Compensation Claim Settlement For Woman With Fibromyalgia

An interesting fibromyalgia compensation claim reported on the Lawtel legal information service recently shows the complications that can arise from even a relatively straightforward road traffic accident. These complications to injuries that initially appear to be less serious will have a significant impact on both the health and employment prospects of accident victims.

In this particular case fibromyalgia, a chronic pain disorder, limited the victim’s mobility to such an extent that she was unable to continue in her career as a surveyor. However by making her claim through a firm of solicitors she was able to make a claim for loss of future earnings to cover the money she would lose out on through having to settle for a less well paid job.

The accident took place as the woman was stationery in her vehicle waiting at a set of traffic lights. Her car was hit in the rear by a vehicle driven by another motorist. The woman sustained whiplash type injuries, developing fibromyalgia and as a result of this she suffered widespread chronic pain. Due to the pain and fatigue caused by her condition she was unable to undertake the outdoor work that was part of her job. Instead of furthering her career by becoming a chartered surveyor, she instead had to look for an office based contract.

Although she received £30,000 compensation for the injuries and fibromyalgia caused by her non-fault road traffic accident, the woman was awarded a further £270,000 to cover the loss of earnings she would suffer as a result of her injuries. The case highlights the advantages of using a solicitor to make your claim for car accident compensation, realising that the woman’s condition would have a lasting impact on her career, her claim was adjusted to reflect that and therefore she received much more compensation than she would otherwise have stood to gain.

Source by Neil Worrall